Zhenshi Group Oriental Special Steel Co., Ltd. Ecological and Green Development Road


Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. is funded by Zhenshi Holding Group Co., Ltd. It purchased 100% of the property rights of the former Jiaxing Eastern Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in July 2007, and rebuilt the carbon steel bar production line of the former Jiaxing Eastern Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. It is a short-process production line project for stainless steel wide plates, covering an area of more than 835 acres. It is a company integrating stainless steel, ferroalloy and other ferrous metals smelting and its rolling processing, repeated steel remanufacturing, wholesale and retail; metal processing machinery manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing and technology Consulting; technical information consulting services for a steel manufacturer.

Overall map of the factory

1. Green Factory

(1) Formulate green development strategies and raise awareness of green manufacturing

Integrate the concept of green design and manufacturing into the overall development strategy of the company, formulate the "Green Development Strategic Plan", and formulate detailed and quantifiable green development goals in terms of production process technological transformation, resource and energy input, etc., to indicate the future green development of the company. direction.

(2) The green manufacturing management system is sound and the green manufacturing foundation is solid

Dongfang Special Steel has established a sound green manufacturing management system, established a green manufacturing leading group and a green manufacturing implementation group, which provides an effective leadership organization guarantee for the creation of green factories.

(3) The green level of energy is relatively high, and the energy consumption structure is highlighted

Equipped with waste heat power station and photovoltaic power generation system, which can save more than 7,000 tons of standard coal per year. Combined with the coal-to-gas project, it is comprehensively estimated that the average annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is not less than 80,000 tons. The proportion of clean and renewable energy used in the whole plant accounts for The proportion of total energy consumption is about 0.43%, and the proportion of non-renewable energy reduction accounts for 6.79% of the total energy consumption of the whole plant, and the level of clean energy consumption is relatively high.

(4) Recycling of waste and increasing the rate of resource greening year by year

Constructed a 310,000-ton/year comprehensive utilization technical transformation project of solid waste resources to treat steel slag, dust removal ash, iron oxide scale, sludge and other tons of solid waste generated in the production process, and reused metal and solid waste pellets for use in Steelmaking is returned to the furnace for smelting, thereby reducing the use of primary raw materials.

Sedimentation tank

2. Ultra-low emissions

Take sealing and dust suppression measures for unorganized emissions in the production process, material storage and transportation; establish access control systems and video surveillance systems; set up 15 air outlets at the factory boundary, on both sides of the road and around the main dust-producing points in the factory Quality monitoring micro-station, real-time monitoring PM10, PM2.5, temperature, humidity, wind direction, air pressure. And upload the micro-station data to the DCS control system to monitor the fugitive emissions of the whole plant in real time.

3. Cleaner Production

Eastern Special Steel officially launched the first round of cleaner production in March 2011. A total of 29 no/low-cost schemes and 5 medium/high-cost schemes were implemented, with a total investment of 26.468 million yuan and an annual economic benefit of 19.5634 million yuan/year. In 2016, the second round of cleaner production was officially launched. A total of 26 no/low-cost programs and 5 medium/high-cost programs were implemented, with a total investment of 221.3237 million yuan and an annual economic benefit of 360.0375 million yuan/year.

Through the implementation of the clean production plan, the energy consumption per unit product has been greatly reduced, and the comprehensive wastewater discharge has been greatly reduced. Eastern Special Steel has achieved significant environmental, economic and social benefits, and has achieved "energy saving, efficiency" purpose.

Wastewater treatment central control room

4. Smart Energy

First, energy consumption data. Automatic collection of energy and resource consumption data, manual input of production data, so that it can be displayed in the form of data.

The second is data visualization. Based on the collected data, through comprehensive calculation, comparative analysis and other methods, the data is more visualized from the management point of view.

The third is the indexing of energy conservation. By formulating a reasonable energy-saving index system, quota management is realized.

Fourth, dynamic management. On the basis of data visualization, dynamic icons are added to achieve "predictable" management effects.

Fifth, humanized service. The platform not only provides management functions, but also serves as a service platform to provide humanized energy management and control services.