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Company Profile

Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. is a stainless steel plate manufacturer established by Zhenshi Holding Group Co., Ltd. Located in the transportation center of the Yangtze River Delta, Jiaxing, where the rivers, lakes and seas meet, was founded in 1972. After decades, it has gathered the essence of the world, enjoyed the opportunity of reform and opening up, and the spirit of fighting against the red boat, shining brightly. Fai!

The company has an annual production capacity of 700,000 tons of stainless steel coils. The products are widely used in pressure vessels, special ships, petrochemicals, food machinery, paper printing and dyeing, automotive appliances, energy transportation, building decoration and other fields.

Eastern Special Steel owns CONSTEEL electric furnace, AOD furnace, refining furnace, continuous slab caster, 1800 furnace coiling mill and medium plate finishing equipment imported from Italy, continuous backwashing production and flattening unit. Advanced technology and technical equipment have laid a solid foundation for energy saving, emission reduction, low consumption, safety and high-quality production. The company is committed to research and insists on providing users with "high, refined and rare" stainless steel sheets, including duplex stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel, super austenitic stainless steel and heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel.

Eastern Special Steel adheres to the development path of "green special steel", actively fulfills its social responsibilities, builds a circular economy system in an all-round way, and realizes the comprehensive utilization of waste heat, waste gas and solid waste, so as to achieve both economic and social benefits.

"Refining high-quality stainless products and creating immortal brilliance", looking forward to the future, Eastern Special Steel will explore the unknown with tenacious quality, insist on innovation-driven development, and guide the core values of "character, innovation, responsibility, learning, and passion" to establish and improve "production" , supply, sales, research and use" five integrated operation system, strive to build a green circular economy demonstration enterprise, and stride forward to become an industry-leading, high-quality, green and intelligent modeling enterprise.

Leader's Speech

Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. is a young and energetic enterprise. Adhering to the corporate tenet of "honesty and virtue", insisting on earning trust with sincerity and establishing a business with trust, we will always adhere to fulfilling the obligations of an enterprise to customers, employees and the society.

Relying on the Group's strong capital, brand and other resource advantages, the company has introduced international advanced technology and equipment, and has gathered senior technical experts and management teams in the industry. Uphold professionalism, focus on core advantages, pursue excellent quality, keep improving, and be consistent. We establish a firm and sober quality concept, and continuously improve product value and corporate image with high-quality products and high-quality services.

We build a corporate culture with the concept of "character, innovation, responsibility, learning, and passion". We firmly believe that only the accumulation of culture is the soul of Eastern Special Steel!

The grace of dripping water is reciprocated by the fountain. The success of the business and the development of the steel business are inseparable from the support of every customer. "Starting from customer requirements and ending with customer satisfaction" is the core of Eastern Special Steel's corporate activities. As long as customers give us a chance to serve, we will return customer satisfaction with practical actions. This is our unchanging commitment!

In the 21st century, opportunities and challenges coexist, struggle and brilliance coexist. We are full of confidence and strength in the future and future of Eastern Special Steel. With the development of the group company and each employee, and the work spirit of keeping pace with the times and climbing the peak, Eastern Special Steel will surely become a first-class steel in China enterprise!

Company Culture


Conduct is the first element of Eastern Special Steel's core philosophy. It advocates honesty, loyalty and integrity, consistent words and deeds, and appearances. Strict self-discipline, lenient towards others; it advocates love and dedication, gratitude, and sunshine mentality. These are the foundations that form the core philosophy of Dongfang Special Steel.



Innovation is the essence of Eastern Special Steel's culture. To seek development by innovation, to develop strong strength, everything comes from innovation. The innovative spirit of Eastern Special Steel includes concept innovation, mechanism innovation, technological innovation and management innovation. Enterprises are always in an active state, constantly adapting to strategic and environmental changes, evolving dynamically, and creating opportunities.



To be responsible is to have tenacity. There is a power of responsibility that you cannot see, but you can feel. This is the strong sense of social responsibility and mission that permeates the spirit of Eastern Special Steel. The spirit of sharing worries for the country, benefiting the people, and selfless dedication will be the driving force for the development of Eastern Special Steel, and will become the code of conduct for all employees.



Learning is an important foundation for innovation. Always take excellence as the benchmark, and subvert yourself without benchmarks. Eastern Special Steel strives to build a learning-oriented enterprise, and regards learning as an important way to enhance the value of the enterprise and the value of the employees themselves. Vigorously advocate and take effective measures to create a team learning atmosphere, so as to share information, experience, technology and knowledge.



Enthusiasm challenge, from Eastern Special Steel's own name, enthusiasm is the driving force of Eastern Special Steel's culture and the catalyst for Eastern Special Steel's miracles. With continuous enthusiasm and an open mind, respond to changes and be proactive. Seeking recognition with integrity, seeking development with hard work, starting from bit by bit, and pursuing perfection; perseverance and self-improvement, Eastern Special Steel people are leaping with enthusiasm.



Established Jiaxing Iron and Steel Plant


Jointly established Jiaxing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. with Zhejiang Economic Construction Investment Corporation


Jointly established Jiaxing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. with Zhejiang Economic Construction Investment Corporation


Renamed as Jiaxing Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd.


Shares were transferred to Zhenshi Group and other shareholders and renamed Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. (during preparations)


On August 8, the steelmaking production line of Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation

On November 8, Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. rolling (rough rolling) production line was officially put into operation


Eastern Special Steel's annealing and washing project with an annual output of 600,000 tons was officially put into operation


Annual processing of 310,000 tons of solid waste resources comprehensive utilization and coal-to-gas project put into operation


The solid solution pickling production line for medium and heavy plates with an annual output of 120,000 tons was put into operation